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The hair we provide is natural and versatile. We can either sew in the hair as gorgeous, long lasting finish sew in extensions or you can choose to purchase clips to turn the hair in to beautiful and chic clip in extensions.


Our hair The Others
  • Beyond Hair is completely natural from root to tip
  • Others will sell you hair that has been chemically processed or mixed with animal and synetheic hair to keep costs low
  • You won't find synthetic or any animal fibres in beyond hair
  • Others use a silicone coating process to help make the hair look shiny and silky on first glance. Once the silicone is washed of, the hair will be damaged and tangled quickly once the hair has been fitted
  • Beyond Hair has cuticles aligned and intact, which means our hair does not tangle or matt
  • Others use mixed bundles from multiple donors, which results in the cuticles not aligned resulting in matting and a mixture of colour and textures
  • Beyond Hair is completely unprocessed and pure with absolutely no silicone processing
  • Other hair will not last more than a few months, sometimes weeks, due to the processing they put in place
  • Beyond Hair is sourced directly. Each individual bundle of hair comes from a consenting donor. This means our hair has not been mixed, which will give consistent colours and textures throughout the bundle
  • Other hair will damage instantly once heat has been applied
  • Beyond Hair is reusable up to 1 to 2 years + due to its natural and pure state
  • Beyond Hair can be styled with various heating tools while still retaining its quality. Straighteners, curling wands and any heat appliances can all be used with ease. Our hair always reverts back to its original form once washed or wet