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November 06, 2023


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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Hair Extensions

Natural Hair Extensions are a great way to achieve the lush hair you've always dreamed of, whether your adding extensions for volume, additional length, or just that you fancy a change of style, hair extensions offer you that flexibility.

We'll share some tips on how to get the most out of your hair extensions.

1. Consult with a Professional
For a seamless blend and a natural look, consult with a professional hairstylist experienced in installing and maintaining hair extensions. They can help you choose the right type, and length for your hair and ensure a proper application.

2. Invest in High-Quality Virgin Hair Extensions
Investing in high-quality Virgin Hair Extensions may cost more upfront, but it's so worth the price tag. They will no doubt look better and last longer. Quality Virgin Hair Extensions are unprocessed and raw made from 100% human hair, which can be styled, washed, coloured and maintained just like your natural hair.

3. Regular Maintenance
Just like your natural hair, extensions require regular maintenance. Ensure that you follow the recommended care instructions provided by us with each order This includes using sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, brushing gently with a loop or soft-bristle brush, and avoiding excessive heat styling.

By following these tips, you can enjoy the maximum longevity and beauty of your hair extensions. Whether you're looking for a temporary change or a long-lasting transformation, proper care and maintenance are key to getting the most out of your hair extensions.
October 02, 2018


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Why You Should Wear Your Hair Extensions With Pride

There was a time when hair extensions were solely for the rich and famous. Nowadays they are accessible to everyone. However, a recent survey found that an incredible 90% of women who wear hair extensions would not admit to owning them!

Ladies, there is no shame in wearing hair extensions, none at all. Just like high heels can extenuate your height and make up can enhance your beauty, hair extensions have the power to make you feel more positive about yourself and ooze confidence. If you are going to feel ashamed about anything it’s your collection on Ronan Keating and Peter Andre CDs and Kappa tracksuits.

Hair extensions are extremely beneficial and women should embrace them. If you wear extensions made from virgin hair, shout it from the rooftops. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Major celebrities are constantly filling their social media profiles with pictures of their new weaves and the reaction to them is incredible. You see, it’s not like the olden days when most weaves were made from synthetic material and were instantly noticeable. Today’s hair extensions are so natural that nobody can tell the difference between them and natural hair.

Hair extensions can give you so many benefits.

If your stylist has taken off more than you dared to imagine, hair extensions can give you the extra length you desire in order to have you brimming with confidence again. Extensions can also give your limp and thinning hair some much needed volume. At Beyond Hair we have a range of hair types to choose from, including Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair and an Afro range. Here you can opt to plump for curly, straight or wavy virgin hair. Whatever look you want to achieve, our highly skilled team will help you realise your dreams.

Hair extensions can also unleash your creative side because they are so versatile. If you are a social butterfly you can style your hair extensions for work and easily adapt them for a date or drinks with the girls in the evening. Virgin hair is so natural you can treat it as if it was your own. There are no limitations.

Of course the benefits of hair extensions are not just aesthetically, they can also help you mentally by giving your confidence a huge boost. You can wave goodbye to the bad hair day blues as you will have the Hollywood look every single day. This boost in confidence will give you added determination at work, turn heads as you stroll down the street and increase your sex appeal.

So those ladies who said they were ashamed to admit they wear hair extensions need to stand up and wear their weaves with pride.

For the best hair extensions, service and prices around, call Beyond Hair today on 0208 8893112 or visit our online shop.

How The Egyptians Began The Hair Extensions Revolution

We live in an age where all the information we need is at our fingertips. The technological revolution has changed the way we live forever with more exciting and fascinating inventions entering our way of living every day.

Some people believe this generation is the most intelligent the world has ever seen. All I can say is, have you not read the Twitter ramblings of Donald Trump, seen Joey Essex in action or watched The Jeremy Kyle Show! Talk about being a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

For me one of the most intelligent cultures the world has ever seen is the Egyptians. Not only are they credited with creating modern language through the use of hieroglyphics, they also gave us eye make-up, dams, the calendar, bowling, high heels, paper and condoms! What a clever lot they were.

However, arguably their greatest achievement came with the creation of hair extensions. Yes, the wonderful weave was actually conceived in the time of Cleopatra 3,400BC. Of course the wigs weren’t of the same quality as today’s luxurious Brazilian virgin hair extensions. Human hair and sheep’s wool was the main source of material. And they would be attached by using wax from bees, trees and plants. Both men and women were big fans of the weave in Egyptian times, but only the wealthy pharaohs, kings and queens could really afford such luxury.

Since then the likes of Queen Elizabeth I and King Louis XIII have been staunch supporters of the weave. Not forgetting Hollywood royalty. But it’s only been over the past few decades where hair extensions have become affordable for everyone. Now everyone can go for the big is beautiful look – and not have to take out a second mortgage to do so.

At Beyond Hair we offer Curly Virgin Brazilian Hair starting from just £50. And our straight and wavy virgin hair begins from just £45. Both options give women the chance to look amazing without breaking the bank.

Brazilian hair extensions are one of the most wanted types of natural hair extensions in the world. They have retained their popularity due to the fact it can blend with all hair types, giving off a natural look, which will last a long time with good care.

We also offer Peruvian hair extensions which come directly from consenting donors in Peru. Our Peruvian hair is 100% natural and comes in a variety of straight, curvy or wavy. Starting at £55 for straight and wavy and £65 for curvy, you have a range of options open to you.

So it’s time to prove that this generation is the smartest of all. If you are looking for hair extensions, get them from Beyond Hair today! 

July 31, 2018


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5 Date Night Hairstyles

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies are you a hopeless romantic? Looking forward to getting glammed up for your special date? Then you have come to the right place, these effortless hairstyles can work with both short and long hair so you can recreate your date night hairstyle.

The hair extensions featured in this post is from our Peruvian range. Our wavy hair extensions has a beautiful wavy texture with a natural water wave pattern, perfect for those slaying hairstyles.

The lengths used for these hairstyles were three luscious bundles of 18”, 20” and 22” with a 14” freestyle lace frontal. The freestyle lace frontal stretches ear to ear in a curved design, which mimics the appearance of a natural looking hairline. The parting options on a frontal allow you to create various hairstyles and we will tell you how!

In this post, we've compiled 5 beautiful hairstyles you can rock on date night.


  • Beyond Hair Virgin Extensions
  • Hair Bands
  • Spray Bottle with water
  • Bobby Pins (Silver or Gold)
  • Hair rings (Silver or Gold)
  • Braid Cuffs (Silver or Gold)
  • Elastic bands
  • Comb
  • Hair Brush

STEP ONE: Separate the front section of your virgin hair extensions. Begin braiding the front of your hair following the Dutch braid method; gripping the hair as tightly as you can.

STEP TWO: Plait the braid all the way to the end and secure at the side using a bobby pin for extra security.

STEP THREE: Go back to the braid and begin fluffing it out slightly to create a more effortless look.

STEP FOUR: Using your braid cuffs, jazz up the hairstyle by placing a few within the braid for a little more detail. They come in a range of colours, commonly silver and gold so you can decide which looks best with your outfit.


STEP ONE: Start by picking up a small section from the centre of your hair, this will form the basis of the hairstyle. 

STEP TWO: Separate this chunk of hair into 4 equal square sections. 

STEP THREE: Using the front left section, grab the hair and secure with an elastic band. Twist the hair that’s left out and bring to the back right section where you are going to then secure it with an elastic band. 

STEP FOUR: Follow the step above but this time using the front right section, grab hair and secure with an elastic band begin twisting the hair pick up the back left section and tighten with an elastic band.  

STEP FIVE: You will then be left with a lovely cross over detail in the middle of your hair, to complete the look add hair accessories such as hair rings to give the hairstyle a little more character. Leave all your hair down for a glamorous look. Simply perfect for that dinner date you have planned.


    STEP ONE: Using a comb begin by sectioning off the hair from the corners of the forehead to the back of the crown of your head. Tie the remainder bottom section of your hair extensions so it is out of the way until later. 

    STEP TWO: Using the hair from the top section begin creating a Dutch braid, once all of the hair is fastened secure with an elastic band. 

    STEP THREE: Now its time to create the top knot bun, with the remaining hair wrap it around and tighten with a hairband. Feel free to fluff out the bun for a messy look or keep it tighter for a sleek finish.

    STEP FOUR: You can now loosen the bottom section of your hair and let the waves fall to complete the look of your Mohawk braid topknot hairstyle. This hairstyle is really unique and creative, something fun for your dinner date.


    STEP ONE: Start by sectioning the top half of your hair, for this specific look we want a high pony so when gathering the high hold it quite high up. Use a comb or brush to make the hair super smooth so there’s no lumps and bumps.

    STEP TWO: Once it’s nice and smooth, secure in a ponytail with a hairband, fluff out the ponytail to create some extra volume. 

    STEP THREE: Time to add some hair accessories. In the front section of the hair (in the centre) create your own pattern using bobby pins to add a little bit of detail to your hairstyle. As shown we created a cross over at the front and then added two bobby pins in a horizontal design at the back.  

    STEP FOUR: To complete the look, use a spray bottle and slowly wet the hair extensions to create a more luscious nighttime wet look, perfect for a date. Once the hair is wet you will find that you have perfect water waves that look gorgeous!


    STEP ONE: Make a side part either side of your hair depending on your personal preference. 

    STEP TWO: Using a spray bottle full of water, gently spray your Beyond Hair extensions, whilst doing this scrunch the hair to help create more defined waves. Do this until you are satisfied with the result.

    STEP THREE: Tuck your Beyond Hair extensions behind ears for a more neat, sophisticated look.

    Now there you go! 5 cute hairstyles you can wear on date night. It was so much fun creating these looks using our Peruvian wavy bundles and the freestyle frontal allowed us to be really versatile. All of these looks are quick and easy to follow so now there’s no reason why you cannot look simply stunning on your date!

    Beyond Hair xoxo

    July 27, 2018


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    How to keep your hair extensions looking exceptional

    You step out of our Beyond Hair London salon looking like a million dollars with your fabulous new Brazilian weave in place. You feel like a Hollywood A-lister as people on the street stand open-mouthed, adoring your glowing locks. Not only do you look amazing, you feel amazing too. But how do you ensure you get that reaction each and every day?

    Here’s a short guide on how to keep those tresses in tip top condition for as long as possible.

    Use shampoo

    Try and shampoo your hair between two and three times a week. Be careful though, you don’t want to rub or scrub your hair as you wash. Your weave is precious so be gentle with it. Leave-in conditioners are exceptional at keeping your extensions from drying out or getting tangled. Regular conditioners can be used daily but only apply them from the mid-shaft to the ends.

    But don’t use bad shampoo

    Steer clear of anything that contains sulfates. Sodium lauryl sulfate is a common ingredient found in cheap products that produces a sudsing effect. Unfortunately it is super drying to the hair, which can lead to dullness, split ends or (whisper it) a compromised bond. Heavy conditioners and oils are also products that should be given the brush off.

    Keep brushing

    We encourage you to brush your hair daily, but please ensure you use the right type of brush. A special hair extension loop brush is perfect for those wanting to protect their natural locks and the lifespan of their extensions. Whatever you do, always brush in a downward motion. Slowly start at the ends of your hair and aim to get rid of all the tangles. Once they are removed then start working your way up.

    Never brush your hair when wet

    There are some things in life you should never do. You should never ignore your parents. You should never ask a lady her age and you should never brush your hair extensions when wet. The strain on the actual bond can cause the weave to weaken prematurely. Also, regular nylon and bristle brushes can pull on your tangles, which can cut into the life shorten the life of your weave.

    Choose a quality pillowcase

    Not only will swapping your pillowcase from cotton to silk or satin enable a better night’s sleep, it will also be beneficial for your extensions. Due to their texture, silk or satin pillowcases will not catch on your hair at night as much as cotton. Failing that you can also tie your hair up in a bun before bed to stop the extensions from getting tangled.

    Don’t go to bed with wet hair never go to bed with wet hair. This definitely applies to those rocking extensions. But that doesn’t mean you should blast your hair with the highest heat on a blow dryer. As bad as having too much heat on your hair is, your extensions can’t absorb the benefits of your oils from your scalp, so they’ll just dry out and be prone to frizzing. Also a ponytail may seem like the most practical thing to do with your extensions before bed, but please refrain from doing so. Ponytails can add collective mass on your bonds, causing them to weaken.

    So if you want to remain looking and feeling like a superstar just follow these tips and give your hair the love and attention it deserves.

    If you have any questions or issues regarding your extensions then please get in touch.


    July 23, 2018


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    Weave your magic with hair extensions

    They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Well hit the road sister! Girls have a new BFF and it comes in the form of hair extensions.

    There was a time when real hair extensions were solely for Hollywood A-listers and the filthy rich. Not anymore. Brazilian and Peruvian weaves are now two of the most popular and head-turning products on the market today.

    At Beyond Hair we know the affect a weave can have on a woman. They enter the salon with their hair craving some love and affection. Once we have given them all the TLC they demand, they leave the salon full of sass and ready to turn heads wherever they go.

    But if you are still debating on whether a real hair wig is the right thing for you, let me give you five good reasons on why you should let extensions weave their magic.

    1. Increase the length

    If you’re having trouble growing your hair past a certain point then hair extensions will be ideal for you. Get the hairstyle you’ve always wanted in minutes. Or if your hairdresser has chopped off more than you bargained for then a weave can restore your confidence. In this instance we would recommend clip-in extensions as these will allow the hair to grow naturally underneath.

    1. Spice up your life

    Hair extensions will let your creativity run wild. Say goodbye to those days where you just tied your hair back and braved the day. Oh no, with a weave you will want to show it off to its full potential. You don’t have to go wild with curling tongs etc, the added volume, length and colour and a little effort will be enough to get all eyes on you. But if you want to be the belle of the ball then voluminous curls will certainly get the job done.

    1. Change of colour

    I don’t know about you but I’ve had more colours in my hair than there is in the rainbow! What can I say, I get bored easily and like a change. A good weave is an excellent chance for you to get a different look without the risk of having to wait for the colour to grow out if you hate the results.

    1. Look the whole package

    Some girls spend an eternity getting their hair to look amazing. Unfortunately, as they have to get up an hour before the sun they may not maximise their true potential, with baggy eyes ruining the whole package. With hair extensions, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. You can have amazing hair and enjoy an extra hour in bed. Now that does sound appealing!

    1. Damage-free locks

    There are some extensions that stop your hair growing and damage your mane. Tape-ins and bondings are the worst offenders for that. Fortunately hair extensions are a damage-free addition to your natural hair.

    So, have I convinced you about the benefits of a Brazilian or Peruvian weave? Talk to us direct on 0208 8893112 and lets discuss what is best for you.

    It's Not Only The Bride Who Wants To Impress On Wedding Day

    We are bang in the middle of the wedding season and brides up and down the country are preparing to look amazing on their big day.

    But it’s not just the bride who wants to look incredible at a wedding. Everyone turns on the style when those couples pledge their undying love for each other. The ladies will don their most glamorous gowns, slip on their killer heels and, of course, shell out for a new hairdo.

    Brazilian hair extensions for weddingsYou see, while no-one wants to upstage the bride on her wedding day, everyone wants to look their best – and you can’t fail to shine when you are rocking Brazilian or Peruvian hair extensions from Beyond Hair. Now, most women assume that men are attracted to ladies with big boobs, nice legs or a pretty face, but sensational hair is a key factor for many men. Letting those luscious long locks loose in the breeze is a look that sends men wild, but if your hair needs a bit of oomph then hair extensions are definitely the way to go.  

    Many people choose Brazilian hair extensions, Peruvian wigs or other natural extensions to create their desired style because of their sheer versatility. They can be used to emphasise and add on to what you already have or to create an entirely new look. Whether long, short, up or down, natural hair extensions can give you the glamour you need for that special day.

    Having long, luscious locks makes people stand back and admire. That look is most commonly associated with stars on the red carpet as hair extensions ooze charisma and look amazing when complemented with a daring dress.

    Hair accessories, such as flowers, headbands and clasps, can also be used to add a little something extra to your look.

    But do you want to know the best bit about hair extensions? They are not just for the wedding season. You can look gorgeous every minute of every day with Brazilian, Peruvian and Malaysian hair extensions and by taking good care of them can last for months.

    For more details on our range of hair extensions please call Beyond Hair on 020 88893112 now or email

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