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December 01, 2017


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Give Your Mother The Gift of Hair This Mother's Day

On Valentine’s Day we showed our partners just how much we love them. But on Sunday, March 11, it’s time to give a bit of TLC to our one true love and best friend. Yes Mother’s Day is just around the corner and if there’s anyone who deserves to be rewarded it’s our mothers.

Our mothers have seen us at our brilliant best and at our absolute worst. They have dealt with the tantrums, helped with the heartache and will always be ready to pass on their wise words.

The relationship between mother and daughter may have experienced more stormy waters than a Scottish fishing boat, but a mother’s treasure is her daughter. She will do absolutely anything for her child and now it’s time to give some of the love back.

Your mother has no doubt had to make some huge sacrifices in her life to make sure you had food on the table, clothes on your back and money in your pocket. She may have delayed getting her hair or nails done in order to make sure you were ok. Well, now it’s your chance to show her how much you respect and admire your mother for everything she has ever done.

Make your mum stand out from the crowd with a custom wig, Brazilian remy hair extension or Peruvian hair extensions.

With a custom wig, you can give your mother the look she has always dreamed of. Choose from a vast range of styles, colours and textures and leave the salon looking like a film star.

Brazilian hair extensions are one of the most desired types of natural hair products in the world. Their popularity stems from the fact that they are so versatile. They can blend in with most hair types and last a long time given the right amount of care.

Our Peruvian hair extension range is 100% natural and come directly from willing donors in Peru. The hair comes in a range of textures, including straight, wavy and curly, allowing you to be as creative with your weave as you like.

Custom wigs start from £30, Brazilian hair starts at £45 and Peruvian hair begins from £55.

For more details on how you can treat your mum this Mother’s Day at Beyond Hair, call us on 0208 8893112 or email info@beyondhair.co.uk or appointments@beyondhair.co.uk

Should I go for Brazilian or a Peruvian weave?

Brazil is famed for its football, carnival atmosphere and its sexy samba beats. Peru meanwhile is probably most known for giving us Paddington Bear. However, both countries are leading the world for hair extensions.

Unfortunately, not all women are blessed with fabulous hair, but that shouldn’t prevent us from looking anything short of glorious. Hair styles come and go, and the “in” colours change like the seasons, but there is one accessory that is not going away any time soon … extensions.

Brazilian and Peruvian hair are the hottest weaves on the UK market and it’s easy to see why. Boasting a mixture of curly, wavy and straight styles to choose from, these weaves are thick, bouncy and can cope with everything the British weather can throw at them. It begs the question, why wouldn’t you have one? 

However, how do you know what weave to go for?

Brazilian hair

Brazilian extensions are soft, naturally wavy and very durable. Because of those attributes it can fit any style. They are extremely luxurious, with a lot of body and natural shine.

Thanks to the density of virgin Brazilian hair, you may not need as many bundles as you would normally to create a full look. It’s also less likely to frizz than other hair types due to its natural density.

Brazilian hair is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful types available. It is a perfect solution for those who crave flawless, long glistening tresses but are fed up of having weak or short hair.

The major advantage of this weave is its low maintenance. It is very easy to style, making it a popular choice for those with not a lot of time and a lot of responsibilities.

Peruvian hair

Over the past few years Peruvian hair has been gaining ground on its South American counterpart, and it’s easy to see why. It may be coarser than the Brazilian variety, but Peruvian hair offers far more colours. And because of its natural fullness and body, fewer bundles are needed to complete a full weave.

Peruvian hair is one of the most versatile products on the market. Whether you are going for a sleek and straight style or seeking something shorter and edgier, it presents you with the opportunity to experiment. Its versatility also means you can spend less time primping and more time on enjoying life.

Given the correct amount of TLC, the Peruvian weave will last far longer than the alternative options and blends well with your own hair.

If you are looking to achieve a soft and natural look then Peruvian hair may well be your best option.


So Brazilian or Peruvian? Most of the time it's solely down to personal preference and budget. However, our stylists are always on hand to give you their skilled advice. And no matter what style you opt for you can be assured of a first class and professional service from us.

Brazilian extensions start from £45.

Peruvian extensions start from £55.

For further information please call us on 0208 889 3112 or book a stylist here


Virgin Brazilian Curly Hair 
The quality and realistic nature of Beyond Hair's wigs has raised the question…
“Is it okay to ask someone is that’s their real hair?”
Beyond Hair has opened up this discussion, as everyone seems to be on opposite ends of the scale. Some people may ask because they are down right nosey...while others are asking because they too are considering wearing a wig!
So TABOO or NOT Taboo?
Here are some of the reasons why Beyond Hair love wigs-
Wigs are EASY!
Yes that's right, EASY! Think about what you do to your own hair when you wake up… You wash it, dry it, style it. A wig makes life easy because you can have your own hair braided away for no one to see. The Virgin Hair from Beyond Hair acts the way your own would. You can straighten it,curl it,blow dry it and style it as you please.
The hair is HEALTHY!
Your hair is in need of some serious TLC and you have an event you want to wow people at!?! Don’t panic the wig will have “your” hair looking healthier than ever, shiny, and fresh!
They are FUN!
Wigs allow you to go from straight to curly, blonde to brunette, damaged hair to flawless and fierce!
VARIETY! If you are like the majority of the population... you change your mind like the wind. Beyond Hair understands their customers are up to date with the latest trends therefore their hair needs to be. Wearing wigs means you can mix your look up not monthly but daily!  
Virgin Peruvian Straight Hair 
WHO is wearing them?
That is the question! It is nearly impossible to tell and that is what is causing people to ask one another out of curiosity and the desire to find out where they got it because it looks so damn real!
Is it taboo to ask…
Is that your real hair??? 
Some people may be offended and don’t want people to know its not el natural… others will be more than happy to tell you as there is no point in worrying about Real and Fake!
The Beyond Hair Beauties below will make you look twice...  
Left: Virgin Peruvian Curly Hair 
Right: Virgin Brazilian Curly Hair 
Left: Virgin Peruvian Curly Hair 
Right: Virgin Peruvian Straight Hair 
So...Do you wear mascara, do you wear fake tan, do you dye your hair? Why should wearing a wig be any different!?
Get social and share your views on this topic! Shop a wide Range of Virgin Hair extensions from Beyond Hair via:
October 17, 2016


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Summer to Autumn

It’s official…..the children are back to school, the nights are getting darker, and everyone is wondering how long they can hold out before putting the heating on. Yes it’s that time again it’s Autumn.

So it’s time to dig out the warm jumpers, start thinking about whose house you are going to for Christmas but most importantly, what Autumn hair style you are going to rock.

At Beyond Hair we have seen that the choice of colour tends to be auburn, dark brown or natural black and the lengths start at 12” to keep the neck and ears warm in the colder evenings. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. You can opt for some highlights or how about two shades of brown to create an ombre look.

We find that Autumn and Winter are when most of our customers opt for a lace frontal style. It allows you to fully protect your hear from heat damage whilst adding versatility to your look. If you haven’t tried out one of our frontals yet, we suggest you try it out this Autumn. They come in a variety of middle, side or freestyle partings and they can be dyed in any colour.

Or perhaps you refuse to accept the Autumn season is here with a bang so what about a beautiful shade of purple or green under natural black. That way the colour will peek through as your hair naturally flows and sways.

Either way autumn doesn’t have to be doom and gloom. At Beyond Hair we can recommend the perfect Autumn style for you so why don’t you pop in for a consultation.

Hope to see you soon x

REcreate me - Dani's red

With the holiday period just around the corner, Dani thought it would be a great idea to try out a bit of festive red.


Celebrities like 'Monica' & 'India Love'  has been seen recently rocking this 'rouge red' and some Instagram beauties too. 

Dani went for the Malaysian hair in lengths 18" x 1, 16" x 1 and a 16" Freestyle lace closure

India love, meet the Westbrooks

Dani had a Custom wig made by Shanique in our Beyond Hair boutique. The process is quick, (2 hrs) but the outcome is always to die for.  Check out the video and the final look...



A video posted by Beyond Hair UK (@beyondhairuk) on


Why not let us know what style you would like to see us REcreate next month. Comment below or send us the images. 

Give us a call or drop us an email if you have any questions on how to REcreate Dani's xmas look, on info@beyondhair.co.uk or 0208 889 3112. 



September 16, 2015


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Beyonce proves she really can rock any style and look good! Her recent water drenched ‘Bedhead’ look which had its debut in her ‘Drunk In Love’ video is imperfectly perfect. The edgy, yet classy bedhead style features a loose curl, wetlook graduated bob.. and no frizz to be seen.

It’s alarmingly clear that the ‘Bob’ is back, with plenty of celebs trading in their luscious locks for a shorter do. Lily Collins is currently rocking a long bob with soft curls. Long bobs pretty much don’t get better than this!

Fast forward 6 months and Kim K was rocking a fabulous blonde do... now she's reverted back to her signature chocolate brown hair, keeping her long wavy locks with some added super sharp, choppy layers. Beaut!

Scandal star Kerry Washington was spotted at the Oscars sporting a half up/half down do. The elegant, side parted, classic style was loosely tied and then perfectly curled down her back and over her shoulder. The style screams classic hollywood glamour, we do love it when celebs dig out an old style and make it current.


Dead straight and sleek is what Amanda Seyfried is currently working. The messy parted and slightly layered at the bottom straight do is lovely and classic, our Indian straight hair would be perfect for creating this sleek look.


October 10, 2014


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Now that the Fashion Weeks have passed, and we have the winter months stretching ahead, it’s time to start thinking about what hair we want to be
rocking for the coming season! At the moment we’ve been obsessing over the recent influx of BIG hair love. We think this is partly inspired by Chanel’s
Resort 2015 show in Dubai where bigger was definitely better.


The hair for the show was crafted by Sam McKnight who has been creating increasingly bigger styles for Chanel over the past few seasons. For Spring
2013 he offered up flared-out wigs and for Fall 2014 he provided the exaggerated ponytail with strands of ribbon and tweed that padded it out even
more. So for the 2015 Resort show, the model’s hair was taken to new heights!

Some of the models were sporting oversized Bardot-Like beehives, where others were surrounded by a cloud of corkscrew curls reminiscent of Diana Ross.

Of course Rihanna is an advocate of a curly do, and no one can deny she looks fantastic sporting such big locks.

To achieve supersized hair you can select our virgin Brazilian curly range that will give you the volume you’ve always dreamt of. Or if you want to be able to wear your hair straight or curly you can always wrap strands around a curling iron, let them set and spray with hair spray.