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May 01, 2014


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2014 pays homage to some old school hairstyles with a modern twist, from the catwalk to the streets, we are taking a look at what’s hot for this year’s hair style files.

Windswept updo:
A dishevelled updo with plenty of loose tangles - this look is pretty easy to create, whether it be a French roll, top bun or French twists, ensuring you leave out a few wispy strands at the front (curling with an 1 inch curling iron) will create this messy wonder.

Old world braids:
The fish plait made such an epic comeback last year; this year’s spin off is ALL things braids. Anything goes as long as there’s some kind of crossover motion involved. A messy plait resembling a peasant girl in the renaissance or a braided headband similar to a 70’s hippie, spring and summer is all about the ‘Old World Braids’.

All things gold:
Long exaggerated pony tails, wet look sweep backs and messy updo’s, all very different styles with an added futuristic twist... the addition of GOLD. Whether it be a gold headband, metal hair tie or gold flakes for effect, this seasons hottest accessory for hair is accents of gold.

Ornate ponytails:
Last season the ordinary ‘Ponytail’ made its debut however, this season it is back with a vengeance; think large quiffs, section rolls and off the wall Mohawks. Ponytails just got interesting.

Choppy pageboy wigs:
Wigs were all over the catwalks this season, not just any wigs though.. choppy bowl shaped, asymmetrical cut wigs. Encompassing the free and boyish look, the jagged cuts and bangs that look self-done seem to be the current phase.

Flower power:
They may be the oldest accessory in the book, however this season sees a welcomed comeback to an all time epic hair accessory; ‘Flowers’. From floral crowns, statement flower pins and scatters of tiny blossoms on low, messy ponytails, this summer welcomes the classic accessory back with open arms, or should we say blooms!

Thinking of a new fresh look?, why not book in for a FREE consultation with one of our boutique stylists?


December 13, 2013


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The COUNT DOWN begins for our annual Xmas Virgin Hair Sale Bonanza that you all have been waiting for!

For 10 days (yes you heard right, 10 whole days), team Beyond Hair UK are getting into the festive spirit and treating our valuable customers with our quality hair extensions and lace systems at fantastic prices (up to 60%off RRP)


SALE Date: Saturday 14th December 2013 - Tuesday 24th December 2013

Time: SALE Starts 10:00am - 6:00pm

VIRGIN Brazilian Hair
(add +£5 for Curly)
10" - £35
12" - £40
14" - £45
16" - £50
18" - £55
20" - £60
22" - £65
24" - £70
26" - £75
28" - £80
30" - £85

VIRGIN Peruvian Hair
(Straight & Wavy)
10" - £40
12" - £45
14" - £50
16" - £55
18" - £60
20" - £65
22" - £70
24" - £75
26" - £80
28" - £85
30" - £90

Lace Closures (Middle Part)
(Straight, Wavy, Curly)
10" - £45
12" - £50
14" - £55
(add £5 for Peruvian textures)
(add £5 for Freestyle parting)

Beyond Hair Boutique, 1st Floor (next door to TK Maxx) The Mall Wood Green Shopping Centre, 159 High Road, Wood Green, N22 6YQ

- Queue Buster Express Till for Pre-Orders
- Live updates board and twitter updates
- First come first served basis

For more info, please call 020 8 889 3112
October 24, 2013


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Beyond Hair Sponsors An Evening With Celebrity Hair Stylist Dionne Smith and Make Up Artist Joy Adenuga...

What have we been up to behind the scenes? Well besides opening a NEW store for you, we are also proud to announce that we will be sponsoring a fantastic event for you all to come along to.

Celebrity Award Winning Hairstylist, Dionne Smith will be exposing some industry secrets on the night and will be showing you how to achieve various hairstyles with some fab new products that have come to market.

Joy Adenuga has worked with the likes of Sarah Jane Crawford from MTV, Channel 4 and BBC Radio, Lauren Goodger from The Only Way is Essex and much more. She has featured in magazines like Pride Magazine, Pro Hair and Beauty Mag, Vogue It, OK magazine and many more.

This night will consist of LIVE... Yes LIVE demos from the amazing pair themselves on how to achieve red carpet looks that you yourselves can re-create from home along with secret tips, buffet and a fabulous Catwalk show.

For more information please click HERE

An event not to be missed!
July 19, 2013


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Hair Experience Like No Other!

Beyond Hair UK have been providing our customers near and far with the Best Quality, Long Lasting Virgin Hair for many years now.

We understand that choosing, trying and verifying hair before you purchase is a necessity for many customers who are skeptical about buying products online especially with so many fakes out there or cheap local beauty supply shops.

We have listened, researched and so we bring to you our NEW "HAIR BOUTIQUE" in the heart of London that you have been waiting for!

Our Beyond Hair Boutique will bring all of our Hair Extensions, Lace Wigs, Lace Closures/Frontals, Hair Products and much more, ALL under one roof - VIRGIN HAIR HEAVEN!

You will be able to discuss with our Professional Hair Consultant/Experts and get your questions answered honestly. They will consult with you, ensuring you leave truly satisfied with the right products, hair textures and aftercare support catered to your needs.

Our official launch will be in August 2013 (dates to be confirmed) please sign up to our newsletter to be kept up to date.

  1. Sign up to our newsletter: http://www.beyondhair.co.uk/promo-events/newsletter
March 15, 2013


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No matter how much one tries to style her very own hair, she can't completely change what nature has given her. Matters regarding hair quickly escalate to alarming levels once a woman starts losing hair due to the effects of aging. For a biomaterial that's supposed to grow, it has a very finite lifespan, and is often far from looking perfect.

Ladies can't just will their hairs to look beautiful; a lot of cutting, ironing, and coloring have to be done in order to achieve a desired look. What if one wants to have more hair, though? While it may be naturally impossible to grow more hair at a certain point, extensions of beautiful Brazilian hair can be attached to either the base of the hair or the scalp to complement one's natural mane without having to look artificial.

Genuine hair extensions are made from collected hairs of willing Brazilian women, and they can come in either straight or wavy variations. The rich variety of South American hair shades can impart a sun-kissed glossy look when grafted alongside natural hair. This simple feature is why many women choose Brazilian hair extensions.

Hair extensions aren't just limited to those coming from Brazil, however. Different ethnicities produce different hair colors, patterns, and shapes. Stylists and fashion enthusiasts also prefer blonde Russian manes, rich and black Indian locks, and silky Malaysian hair. Such unique hairpieces from around the world are typically sold by specialty stores like BeyondHair.

However, more than looking very natural alongside existing genuine hair, extensions can also be styled and manipulated as if it were already part of the wearer. Users are free to dye, iron, wash, and cut their extensions as they would with their real hair, to fully customize their looks. After enough styling, the end result should still be seamless and simply fabulous.

Everyone is born with hair that's unique to their race, genetic makeup and environment. Hence people can't choose what hair they want to grow up with. What they can do is have a salon style their manes, or add a hair extension that would lend body to the rest of the strands. What nature has given, fashion can greatly improve on.

March 15, 2013


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Hair comes in different lengths and colors, and no two people would ever have the same kind of hair on their heads. That said, many people try to style their hairs even more, to really stand out from everyone else. The problem with hair, however, is that humans are born with only a finite ability to grow the biomaterial. Once a woman reaches full maturity, she can't grow any more hair and she'll only lose more as time passes.

While human frailty can critically affect the beauty of hair, cosmetic innovations now allow women to improve and even add upon their hair. Hair extensions are hairpieces that can be attached to the base of the hair or the scalp, adding volume to that person's mane. These extensions are made from natural Peruvian hair, or other specialty virgin hairs, to create an organic look that's simply not possible with a wig.

Extensions made from human hair can sound creepy to some, but there's simply nothing more natural-looking than the real thing. Aside from Peruvian hair, some locks can come from Russian, Korean, Indian, and Malaysian women. The hairs taken from these consenting women were groomed into ponytails with aligned cuticles to ensure that the hair has body and no split ends.

For the ultimate in natural hairpieces, most fashion gurus recommend beautiful remy hair extensions. 'Remy' refers to a special process where the extracted natural hairs are all aligned towards one direction to produce a very seamless and tangle-free piece. So gorgeous are the pieces that many people can even mistake the extensions for the real deal.

Hair extensions made from real hair have the advantage of being as versatile as one's own hair. Women are free to curl, color, perm, and style their extensions any way they see fit, as if it were naturally part of them. Of course, there's also the fact that it's indistinguishable from one's real hair.

Extensions are pieces that can enhance the beauty of any woman. They can be purchased in stores like BeyondHair, which offer only the finest natural hairs. It may be unsettling to try one for the first time, but after a while, it becomes a part of you in more ways than one.

April 18, 2012


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As summer approaches so do the many seasonal festivities, such as summer balls and proms, where beauty and glamour are at the absolute forefront. After picking out your dress what is the key component in preparing for these events? Your hair! It's important that your hair compliments your outfit and really shows it off, after all, you want to look your best for all to see. Many people choose Brazilian hair extensions, Peruvian hair extensions and other natural hair extensions to create their desired hairdo because of the versatility they offer. They can be used to emphasise and add on to what you've already got or to create a whole new look. Whether long, short, up or down natural hair extensions can give you that extra glamour desired for your summer event.

Long, luscious lengths are a popular choice for these prestigious events as they really ooze charisma and give that celebrity look which when combined with a fantastic dress, will have you looking like the belle of the ball. A middle parting with loose waves to frame the face is a highly sought after style seen on many red-carpet stars and can easily be achieved with some well styled hair extensions. A similar look can be fulfilled but with a side parting which has the same appeal of the middle parting but is more suited to a larger variety of face shapes. This look can be varied by having tighter or looser curls depending on what you prefer and you'll still look truly glam.

Updo's are the perfect hairstyle for dresses with lots of detail or simply if you want to really show off your dress and there are so many different updo options, the possibilities are endless. A sleek ponytail can be achieved by slicking back your own natural hair into a tight bun and attaching either wavy, curly or straight hair extensions to the bun. The hair extensions can be any length and the height of the ponytail is totally up to you, however, the most popular is a high ponytail with straight hair extensions that fall to just below your shoulder blades. This style can be achieved with all types of natural hair extensions, including Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair etc

This look can be coupled with a fringe or a quiff for something a bit different whilst still maintaining the desired sleekness. Similarly, a ponytail can be made into a wrap around bun using the same method but simply wrapping the hair extensions around to form a bun and pinning it in to place.

Hair accessories, such as clasps, flowers and decorative hairbands, can contribute to the summer look, especially flowers, as well as, adding some extra glamour to complete your look. Recently, braids have become a popular hair accessory, fashioned by many top celebrities, and is a popular choice for the spring/summer months making it a great option for your special summer event.

These styles created with real hair extensions can also be used for many other summer occasions, such as weddings, for attendees or the bride herself, as the versatility of these styles make them perfect for so many summer events. So now you've got some key tips to look Drop Dead Gorgeous for any event you go to this summer.