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Hair comes in different lengths and colors, and no two people would ever have the same kind of hair on their heads. That said, many people try to style their hairs even more, to really stand out from everyone else. The problem with hair, however, is that humans are born with only a finite ability to grow the biomaterial. Once a woman reaches full maturity, she can't grow any more hair and she'll only lose more as time passes.

While human frailty can critically affect the beauty of hair, cosmetic innovations now allow women to improve and even add upon their hair. Hair extensions are hairpieces that can be attached to the base of the hair or the scalp, adding volume to that person's mane. These extensions are made from natural Peruvian hair, or other specialty virgin hairs, to create an organic look that's simply not possible with a wig.

Extensions made from human hair can sound creepy to some, but there's simply nothing more natural-looking than the real thing. Aside from Peruvian hair, some locks can come from Russian, Korean, Indian, and Malaysian women. The hairs taken from these consenting women were groomed into ponytails with aligned cuticles to ensure that the hair has body and no split ends.

For the ultimate in natural hairpieces, most fashion gurus recommend beautiful remy hair extensions. 'Remy' refers to a special process where the extracted natural hairs are all aligned towards one direction to produce a very seamless and tangle-free piece. So gorgeous are the pieces that many people can even mistake the extensions for the real deal.

Hair extensions made from real hair have the advantage of being as versatile as one's own hair. Women are free to curl, color, perm, and style their extensions any way they see fit, as if it were naturally part of them. Of course, there's also the fact that it's indistinguishable from one's real hair.

Extensions are pieces that can enhance the beauty of any woman. They can be purchased in stores like BeyondHair, which offer only the finest natural hairs. It may be unsettling to try one for the first time, but after a while, it becomes a part of you in more ways than one.

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