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No matter how much one tries to style her very own hair, she can't completely change what nature has given her. Matters regarding hair quickly escalate to alarming levels once a woman starts losing hair due to the effects of aging. For a biomaterial that's supposed to grow, it has a very finite lifespan, and is often far from looking perfect.

Ladies can't just will their hairs to look beautiful; a lot of cutting, ironing, and coloring have to be done in order to achieve a desired look. What if one wants to have more hair, though? While it may be naturally impossible to grow more hair at a certain point, extensions of beautiful Brazilian hair can be attached to either the base of the hair or the scalp to complement one's natural mane without having to look artificial.

Genuine hair extensions are made from collected hairs of willing Brazilian women, and they can come in either straight or wavy variations. The rich variety of South American hair shades can impart a sun-kissed glossy look when grafted alongside natural hair. This simple feature is why many women choose Brazilian hair extensions.

Hair extensions aren't just limited to those coming from Brazil, however. Different ethnicities produce different hair colors, patterns, and shapes. Stylists and fashion enthusiasts also prefer blonde Russian manes, rich and black Indian locks, and silky Malaysian hair. Such unique hairpieces from around the world are typically sold by specialty stores like BeyondHair.

However, more than looking very natural alongside existing genuine hair, extensions can also be styled and manipulated as if it were already part of the wearer. Users are free to dye, iron, wash, and cut their extensions as they would with their real hair, to fully customize their looks. After enough styling, the end result should still be seamless and simply fabulous.

Everyone is born with hair that's unique to their race, genetic makeup and environment. Hence people can't choose what hair they want to grow up with. What they can do is have a salon style their manes, or add a hair extension that would lend body to the rest of the strands. What nature has given, fashion can greatly improve on.

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