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How The Egyptians Began The Hair Extensions Revolution

We live in an age where all the information we need is at our fingertips. The technological revolution has changed the way we live forever with more exciting and fascinating inventions entering our way of living every day.

Some people believe this generation is the most intelligent the world has ever seen. All I can say is, have you not read the Twitter ramblings of Donald Trump, seen Joey Essex in action or watched The Jeremy Kyle Show! Talk about being a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

For me one of the most intelligent cultures the world has ever seen is the Egyptians. Not only are they credited with creating modern language through the use of hieroglyphics, they also gave us eye make-up, dams, the calendar, bowling, high heels, paper and condoms! What a clever lot they were.

However, arguably their greatest achievement came with the creation of hair extensions. Yes, the wonderful weave was actually conceived in the time of Cleopatra 3,400BC. Of course the wigs weren’t of the same quality as today’s luxurious Brazilian virgin hair extensions. Human hair and sheep’s wool was the main source of material. And they would be attached by using wax from bees, trees and plants. Both men and women were big fans of the weave in Egyptian times, but only the wealthy pharaohs, kings and queens could really afford such luxury.

Since then the likes of Queen Elizabeth I and King Louis XIII have been staunch supporters of the weave. Not forgetting Hollywood royalty. But it’s only been over the past few decades where hair extensions have become affordable for everyone. Now everyone can go for the big is beautiful look – and not have to take out a second mortgage to do so.

At Beyond Hair we offer Curly Virgin Brazilian Hair starting from just £50. And our straight and wavy virgin hair begins from just £45. Both options give women the chance to look amazing without breaking the bank.

Brazilian hair extensions are one of the most wanted types of natural hair extensions in the world. They have retained their popularity due to the fact it can blend with all hair types, giving off a natural look, which will last a long time with good care.

We also offer Peruvian hair extensions which come directly from consenting donors in Peru. Our Peruvian hair is 100% natural and comes in a variety of straight, curvy or wavy. Starting at £55 for straight and wavy and £65 for curvy, you have a range of options open to you.

So it’s time to prove that this generation is the smartest of all. If you are looking for hair extensions, get them from Beyond Hair today! 

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