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5 Date Night Hairstyles

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies are you a hopeless romantic? Looking forward to getting glammed up for your special date? Then you have come to the right place, these effortless hairstyles can work with both short and long hair so you can recreate your date night hairstyle.

The hair extensions featured in this post is from our Peruvian range. Our wavy hair extensions has a beautiful wavy texture with a natural water wave pattern, perfect for those slaying hairstyles.

The lengths used for these hairstyles were three luscious bundles of 18”, 20” and 22” with a 14” freestyle lace frontal. The freestyle lace frontal stretches ear to ear in a curved design, which mimics the appearance of a natural looking hairline. The parting options on a frontal allow you to create various hairstyles and we will tell you how!

In this post, we've compiled 5 beautiful hairstyles you can rock on date night.


  • Beyond Hair Virgin Extensions
  • Hair Bands
  • Spray Bottle with water
  • Bobby Pins (Silver or Gold)
  • Hair rings (Silver or Gold)
  • Braid Cuffs (Silver or Gold)
  • Elastic bands
  • Comb
  • Hair Brush

STEP ONE: Separate the front section of your virgin hair extensions. Begin braiding the front of your hair following the Dutch braid method; gripping the hair as tightly as you can.

STEP TWO: Plait the braid all the way to the end and secure at the side using a bobby pin for extra security.

STEP THREE: Go back to the braid and begin fluffing it out slightly to create a more effortless look.

STEP FOUR: Using your braid cuffs, jazz up the hairstyle by placing a few within the braid for a little more detail. They come in a range of colours, commonly silver and gold so you can decide which looks best with your outfit.


STEP ONE: Start by picking up a small section from the centre of your hair, this will form the basis of the hairstyle. 

STEP TWO: Separate this chunk of hair into 4 equal square sections. 

STEP THREE: Using the front left section, grab the hair and secure with an elastic band. Twist the hair that’s left out and bring to the back right section where you are going to then secure it with an elastic band. 

STEP FOUR: Follow the step above but this time using the front right section, grab hair and secure with an elastic band begin twisting the hair pick up the back left section and tighten with an elastic band.  

STEP FIVE: You will then be left with a lovely cross over detail in the middle of your hair, to complete the look add hair accessories such as hair rings to give the hairstyle a little more character. Leave all your hair down for a glamorous look. Simply perfect for that dinner date you have planned.


    STEP ONE: Using a comb begin by sectioning off the hair from the corners of the forehead to the back of the crown of your head. Tie the remainder bottom section of your hair extensions so it is out of the way until later. 

    STEP TWO: Using the hair from the top section begin creating a Dutch braid, once all of the hair is fastened secure with an elastic band. 

    STEP THREE: Now its time to create the top knot bun, with the remaining hair wrap it around and tighten with a hairband. Feel free to fluff out the bun for a messy look or keep it tighter for a sleek finish.

    STEP FOUR: You can now loosen the bottom section of your hair and let the waves fall to complete the look of your Mohawk braid topknot hairstyle. This hairstyle is really unique and creative, something fun for your dinner date.


    STEP ONE: Start by sectioning the top half of your hair, for this specific look we want a high pony so when gathering the high hold it quite high up. Use a comb or brush to make the hair super smooth so there’s no lumps and bumps.

    STEP TWO: Once it’s nice and smooth, secure in a ponytail with a hairband, fluff out the ponytail to create some extra volume. 

    STEP THREE: Time to add some hair accessories. In the front section of the hair (in the centre) create your own pattern using bobby pins to add a little bit of detail to your hairstyle. As shown we created a cross over at the front and then added two bobby pins in a horizontal design at the back.  

    STEP FOUR: To complete the look, use a spray bottle and slowly wet the hair extensions to create a more luscious nighttime wet look, perfect for a date. Once the hair is wet you will find that you have perfect water waves that look gorgeous!


    STEP ONE: Make a side part either side of your hair depending on your personal preference. 

    STEP TWO: Using a spray bottle full of water, gently spray your Beyond Hair extensions, whilst doing this scrunch the hair to help create more defined waves. Do this until you are satisfied with the result.

    STEP THREE: Tuck your Beyond Hair extensions behind ears for a more neat, sophisticated look.

    Now there you go! 5 cute hairstyles you can wear on date night. It was so much fun creating these looks using our Peruvian wavy bundles and the freestyle frontal allowed us to be really versatile. All of these looks are quick and easy to follow so now there’s no reason why you cannot look simply stunning on your date!

    Beyond Hair xoxo

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