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As summer approaches so do the many seasonal festivities, such as summer balls and proms, where beauty and glamour are at the absolute forefront. After picking out your dress what is the key component in preparing for these events? Your hair! It's important that your hair compliments your outfit and really shows it off, after all, you want to look your best for all to see. Many people choose Brazilian hair extensions, Peruvian hair extensions and other natural hair extensions to create their desired hairdo because of the versatility they offer. They can be used to emphasise and add on to what you've already got or to create a whole new look. Whether long, short, up or down natural hair extensions can give you that extra glamour desired for your summer event.

Long, luscious lengths are a popular choice for these prestigious events as they really ooze charisma and give that celebrity look which when combined with a fantastic dress, will have you looking like the belle of the ball. A middle parting with loose waves to frame the face is a highly sought after style seen on many red-carpet stars and can easily be achieved with some well styled hair extensions. A similar look can be fulfilled but with a side parting which has the same appeal of the middle parting but is more suited to a larger variety of face shapes. This look can be varied by having tighter or looser curls depending on what you prefer and you'll still look truly glam.

Updo's are the perfect hairstyle for dresses with lots of detail or simply if you want to really show off your dress and there are so many different updo options, the possibilities are endless. A sleek ponytail can be achieved by slicking back your own natural hair into a tight bun and attaching either wavy, curly or straight hair extensions to the bun. The hair extensions can be any length and the height of the ponytail is totally up to you, however, the most popular is a high ponytail with straight hair extensions that fall to just below your shoulder blades. This style can be achieved with all types of natural hair extensions, including Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair etc

This look can be coupled with a fringe or a quiff for something a bit different whilst still maintaining the desired sleekness. Similarly, a ponytail can be made into a wrap around bun using the same method but simply wrapping the hair extensions around to form a bun and pinning it in to place.

Hair accessories, such as clasps, flowers and decorative hairbands, can contribute to the summer look, especially flowers, as well as, adding some extra glamour to complete your look. Recently, braids have become a popular hair accessory, fashioned by many top celebrities, and is a popular choice for the spring/summer months making it a great option for your special summer event.

These styles created with real hair extensions can also be used for many other summer occasions, such as weddings, for attendees or the bride herself, as the versatility of these styles make them perfect for so many summer events. So now you've got some key tips to look Drop Dead Gorgeous for any event you go to this summer.

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